Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 2: Hey I'm going to the field

Family and that I love!
I have about 5 minutes to email, so I'll make this quick.
It's like 5:45 am here and we leave in like 20 minutes. So, quick story (you can put this on the blog, i just don't have time to send it to everyone, so people I'm sorry if you didn't get this!!)
We went finding this week in Manchester, and we met some interesting people. We rode the train for 40 minutes down there and were supposed to find on there, so I sit down and start talking to these 3 elderly people, and it's going great ya know and then come to find out that the lady is a member! What! Why didn't she tell me before the end of the train so I could talk to some people who weren't... Oh well.

Then we get to Manchester, and the first guy we talk to says, "yeah I've already talked to you guys.." Pretty sure everyone in that square got missionary overload. Then we are walking along and then some random guy comes up and asks us for a  light.. We said no and then he realized..."OH YOU GUYS ARE MORMONS. Give me a Book of Mormon. I LOVE SEEING MORMONS! Especially sister missionary Mormons."

Yeah sounds like the beginning of a great success story but then we realize he is totally baked and he starts telling us about his whole crime life and how he doesn't fear God or anything.. But whatevs. It was just a little creepy when he made me and sister Johnson feel his chest to see if he had a heartbeat... We didn't know what was going on. THEN a man comes up and tries to hand us some bible papers for his church but the homeless man (David) told him he couldn't give those to us, we were Mormons! But then I decided that it could be a great opportunity, so i proposed a trade, and gave him a BOM for a piece of paper... But i couldn't be more wrong.
It turned into a full on bible bashing thing, which basically means that he was lecturing us about how God is mysterious and religion is not emotional... Weirdo. But he said he'd read the BOM, so that's good!!
Well, anyway, I've gotta go!! I love you all! I love the Gospel! Enjoy life because God made it for us to be happy. Yeah!
Sister Slack
Also, I'll send pics next week!

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