Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 4: Tales of an American and a Swede.

Hey there people I love!!
I hope everyone is doing fabulous, and I'd love to hear from everyone! SO YEAH write me or all the missionaries you know because we love to feel loved :)
So being here in the land of England, I've come to learn that chocolate is freakin delicious. SO GOOD here. Wow. Like think of chocolate... and then think of it tasting even better. That's how it tastes here. Even in Europe in general.. because Sister Heikki is from Sweden, and she got a package from home and it had tons of chocolate in it, and even that tastes better than chocolate back home! Sorry to everyone that is there.. it's just so good.
Something fun that happened this week was we got to help set up the talent show!! This ward has a hard time getting along and loving each other, so it was cool to see them come together for a little bit and share some talents :)
We also had the opportunity to go to a little concert, because a recent convert's son was performing. We went so we could talk to the son (called Wayne) and so he'd know that we're not weird scary people. I mean, he is only 13. So we went and it was cool to be there! He wasn't actually too good at singing.. but he could play the guitar nicely! Well, better than I could. Later, the recent convert Sandra, and her daughter Lola, wrestled in the sumo suits (picture below). It was pretty hilarious.
Earlier this week we were knocking doors right before we had a dinner appointment, and about four 20 yr old girls invited us in to teach them. Only one, Belinda, was really interested. But during the middle of the lesson, right before we got to talking about restoration, she got a phone call and went outside and left!! We were kind of confused.. So we left our number and got her number from her friends, and decided to wait it out.
So after we left that house, we went next door and then they invited us in!!! Ok people, this is unheard of here.. Getting invited in to teach a lesson is a rare gem of opportunity. Her name was Margaret Slack. yup. You could say that it was a sweet connection. Then we taught her about the restoration of the church, and got invited back for later in the week.
The next day, we were walking to an appointment when we got a phone call, it was Belinda!! MIRACLE. What 20 year old girl calls you and tells you they want to come to church?? I don't know. But she's awesome. Sadly, she didn't make it to church yesterday, but we will hopefully meet with her later this week.
So when we went back to visit Margret again, we brought a member called Bro. Rawson. Such a cool guy. He was so in tune with the spirit, it was incredible. Margaret has a really bitter view of the world, she thinks that humanity has no hope. But in introducing her to the fact that God loves her, she began to cry tears and realize that she truly has faith in God and that she wants to know more. Hopefully she can move past looking at the world and realize that this gospel brings so much hope!!
Which reminds me of one of my favourite things I studied this week: Miracles. In Mormon 9:15 it says "...God has not ceased to be a God of miracles." This statement has been proven to me over and over this week. As we have met with new people and been able to keep a spirit of hope within ourselves, we have seen miracles daily.
I love you all! And I hope you can realize that we all see miracles every day.

Sister Slack

Lola & Sandra in sumo suits
Sleeping hedgehog (yes, we poked it to make sure it was alive)
dog from tintin that we found sitting on the fence!! It was pretty legit
How I feel about the hill with cows on it
Me & Sister Heikki
1st time caught in the rain!

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