Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 6: Can I have a wedding reception in a blue whale?

Hey there fam and friends!
Wow this week has gone by so fast... I can't believe it! I'll probably be saying that for the rest of my mission, but still! We were so busy!!!

One particularly busy day was Wednesday. We started the morning off by running over to a recent convert's home to wake him up (yes, this was at 6:30 am). We knocked on his door and then his dogs were going crazy and he looks out the window and yells "I thought you guys were joking!!" Oh no. Well... surprise! Then we had to cut study short because we had to bike 8 miles up hill to go help some less actives paint the house they are moving out of.. turns out they gave us a color that wasn't the same as the color on the walls! So it looked pretty bad... but whatever. Then we got a referral from church headquarters!! Which was super awesome because those don't come very often in our mission. Then we had to go to some investigators homes and teach for 2 hours, and then we tracted a wee bit and then we had a Spanish fiesta! Man I love Spanish fiestas. And at that party there were non-members who we were able to set up appointments with. Let's just say, that that day felt like a week. And that's pretty much how every day went this past week! Insane stuff.

Also, random story here: One night Sister Heikki and I were talking about how she wants to go to Russia one day, and how she'd want to take a boat or something over there.. this somehow led to her boat getting eaten by a whale and then a Jonah and the Whale type story happening. But man, whales are pretty big, right? So then we wanted to know how big a blue whale is. Anyone who finds this out and lets me know will get 10 points! But then my companion decided that if she could, she'd have her wedding reception inside of a blue whale. Naturally the thing to do.

Anyways, recently every night we've been heart attacking members (where you put hearts all over their door with loving notes, no physical harm here). From serving the members we have seen so many miracles! We have been able to visit so many people and then have them refer people to us.

One of the biggest miracles we saw this week was that we had an investigator come to church!! That's right, Margaret Slack came to church. Convincing her to go outside was hard, but she did it. It was awesome. So many people came up and introduced  themselves and I think she felt really welcome. The only downside for her coming to church this Sunday was that the bishop gave a 30 minute talk rebuking the whole ward and telling them about how lazy they are and how the only judge in the ward is him and Jesus. Man It was awesome and the ward totally needed to hear it, but it probably wasn't the best thing for an investigator to hear haha. But we had been praying so much for Margaret and thinking of every possible way to get her there, and it finally happened. God blesses us when we do our best, and even when we are at our worst.

A favourite quote that I have is "Missionaries leave their families for a short time, so that others can be with their families for eternity." I love that this gospel is all about the big picture, and that I have the opportunity to be with my awesome family forever. The coolest part is that everyone can be a missionary, so don't be afraid to share your beliefs, because really it's all there to bring families together.

I love you all!! And you are all in my prayers :)
Much love,

Sister Slack

It's been so hot. So we constantly eat ice lollies (aka popsicles in the usa) and icecream.
We found some legit lions outside of a house! They weren't home so we took pictures
#sisters for life

I bought a dancing queen, and here she is waving good morning to England!

bubble thing in the library!

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