Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 10: German tanks and coconuts

Hey people, 
so first of all im writing this from a tv with some funky remote.. so thats why it'll probably be shorter and wit weird mistakes. 

BUT this week was jam packed full of fun. last pday i decided to buy a coconut to eat, figuring that it'd be easy to open. we brought it home and we tried EVERYTHING to open it. we tried a knife, smashingit with a pan, burning it, shaving it, biting it... but nothing happened but a little dent. Later that night we went to a lady from cuba, and she told us the proper way to open it. Carve out the 3 holes then smash it on the ground... so we did that and it worked! Hallelujah. I was able to eat coconut. 

Later in the week we did some gardening for an older couple, and the brother was telling us about some world war II facts. My favorite quote of that afternoon "Of course i love watching german tanks getting blown to smitherines, they were bombing our chip shops!!" yes. they love their chip shops here in england.

Over the week we were able to meet wit an investigator who had some concerns.. as we talked with her and were able to address them, she was able to realize that through Christ, we cannot fail. This eternal truth is essential to understand! He is there for us always and we should never forget that.

Anyways i love you all and have a good week!!

-sister slack

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