Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 8: All is good in Eastwood (It rhymes ok)

Hello World!

Well it is that time again, and boy was it a wonderful week!!! This upcoming week just so happens to be the end of this transfer. I can't believe that I've been here 6 weeks! In some ways it feels like I've been in Eastwood for ages, but others it feels like I just got here! Time is such a weird thing...

Well anyway, let's get down to what you all wanna know... THE WEEK. Just kidding you all wanna know everything, but here is basically what my brain does when I try and think of everything that has happened:  DOFIEUJe;hfa;ie]p'.;.1231#'/#;sespanol902ujdfwsfood?/./,sdfj.  No, not swearing, but just kind of explodes. Pretty much we went from 1 investigator to 4 where they have pretty close baptismal dates, so we have been teaching all the time. And I love teaching!!! It is so fun.

So I'll just tell you 2 main stories of the week.. or maybe three. Anyway. So last Monday after P-day we had the opportunity to teach a recent converts (Sandra) whole family FHE (family home evening). She is the only baptized member in her family so far, and we had asked the rest of the family before (well Chingy, who is 8, and Paul, her husband.. they also have Lola who is 7) if they would also like to learn more, but they weren't ready about 6 weeks ago when we asked. But after we did the lesson for FHE, we both felt that someone else in that family needed to be baptized. So we first asked her husband, and he basically told us he would listen eventually, but not yet. And then we asked Chingy if he wanted to learn more and be baptized, and he said "Yeah, but I want to be 9." So he's getting baptized in about a month, 4 days after he will turn 9. He is such a smart little kid, who loves church and is always excited to read the scriptures. He is like a micro 60 lb sponge :) That family is going to be strong in the gospel.

Yesterday, we were teaching another one of our investigators and his Dad the stop smoking program. At the end we like to invite people to get a priesthood blessing for strength, but we could not get a priesthood holder to come with us that day. So we planned to tell them to just phone someone up, but at the end of the lesson, someone knocked on the door.. In my mind I was like... "ok who is intruding in on the lesson..." BUT it was the Bishop!! It couldn't have been planned more perfectly. God was so aware of their needs. He knew that they would need that blessing right away. God is the best!

Well, time is short and hopefully you're not bored already from reading this email. But you would never get bored ;) anyway. I was listening to a talk from last general conference, and here is a brilliant quote from it:

 " Individually we are strong, but together-with God- We are unstoppable."

Remember it. Love it. Live it.

I love all of you! I hope your week makes you so happy that you jump and dance around.
Sister Slack

 Being really tired on the bus
From a bench in England
Finding and havin FUN
So many lighters from one person... but fire is nice
Enjoying the floor of our flat

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