Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 9: Teaching and Stuff that a Missionary does

Hey people in the world that I love!!!!

Wow! Well I guess it's that time again.. even though time on a mission doesn't make sense.

Hmm.. Let's see. Well the transfer ended this last week, so now I am in transfer 2! We got a new Elder in our district from Highland, Utah. So now in our wee little district of 4, three of us are from Utah. Crazy! But I guess it's not really that surprising.

We were able to teach many lessons this week, and it was awesome to be able to do that. But for some reason people weren't as focused this week and so it was a little more difficult to stay on task. On one occasion, our 8 year old investigator sort of had an anger attack so we just talked with his family instead. His sister Lola then told us about how her neighbour had some cats and she named them Mary and Joseph, and told us "if they had a baby boy I'd name it Jesus." She knows what's up.

We were also able to visit a lady who was baptized a year ago who just had her mom pass away. We got to sit and talk with her in her 200 year old home and speak about how the gospel has been such a rock through this hard time. She turns to the scriptures for comfort, and prays constantly. She met the missionaries when they knocked on her door, which I always think is so awesome because that's how we find people to teach! Some people are just more prepared than others.

Hmmm.. Sorry this email is kind of sporadic there are two lovely ginger children playing a game about a turtle crossing the water, and they keep yelling about it. Also, my planner from last week is not with me! But hey. It's chill.

OH. Last night Sister Heikki and I were able to build a massive fort made from blankets and scarves and flags. It was all held together with loom bands, and we got to watch Mr. Kreugar's Christmas and eat our dinner inside :)

Well I'll just share a cool quote from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: 

"As we extend our hands and hearts towards each other in Christlike love, something wonderful happens to us. Our own spirits become healed, more refined, and stronger."

Nothing is better than just loving everyone. I promise you that Christlike love makes us and others happier.

Well till next week,

Sister Slack

 Llama llama shopping Drama. A book that I must acquire later in life

We bike and it's FUN

On the inside of a beautiful English house

A few members of the Marina's family. We eat there a lot and they are super into missionary work and it's awesome. So here they are clipping hair extensions into Bill's hair and then ripping hair off of his arm with tape (Gotta say I couldn't stop laughing)

The massive fort
Poking my head out of the massive fort

Sister Heikki and I inside our massive fort


  1. I love you! This is Cheryl C. Smith :)

  2. Hi Sister Slack! How fun to see you and your comp. Missions are the BEST thanks to your mom:) She rocks too! Does your comp know Malin and Fredrick Schelin? She used to be my companion Malin Larka on temple square. Sweeds ROCK! Have a great week. Work hard! So happy for you!