Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 15: SWANSEA

Well let's get this over with quick and easy.. I've been transferred!!! Last week we got the call that I was headed over to Swansea, in Wales, with Sister Lambert! Yes, we went on exchange like 2 weeks ago. But we are now whitewashing the area!
So here's my new address: 

47 Sketty Road
Uplands, Swansea

I cannot get over how beautiful it is here. We live right along the beach, and we can see it from our flat. In our area is also a University, so since it started classes up again today, we will hopefully get to teach so many wonderful young people! Already we've been able to talk to quite a few of them, and set up appointments to meet up again. People at this age are so open!

My last few days in Eastwood were good, and it was sad to let my trainer Sister Heikki go, but I feel like a new missionary! Sister Lambert and I get to start off the area nice and fresh, talking to everyone with a new point of view, and it's so exciting! The people here are so nice. I love Wales!

Quick funny story, yesterday we were invited to a members home for dinner. It's a younger couple, with 4 kids under the age of 4. Adorable! But as we were driving over, they couldn't remember my name, but didn't want to be embarrassed or something. So they decided to guess! Next thing I heard was.. "Hey, Sister Snail where are you from?" Nice try, but not quite there haha.

Ah, I don't have much time, and this computer wont let me send pictures! Hopefully I can get it to work next week.. But I love you all! Go watch general conference this weekend! It's going to be incredible :)

Sister Slack

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 14: "I find them quite nice.."

What do you know, it's Monday! Happy Monday!

This last week has been full of good stuff. Full of miracles, and full of happiness.

One of the highlights was when I got to go on exchange! Sister Lambert, a sister trainer leader, got to come hang out with me in Eastwood for about 24 hours. Once she got here, we got to teach our 14 yr old investigator, Wayne. We had planned to teach him the word of wisdom, but when we learned he hadn't really felt like he'd gotten an answer to any of his prayers our plans changed. We went through the process of helping him recognizing the spirit, and ended up with him praying then and there to know if the Book of Mormon is true. In the last few minutes, the spirit was so strong I had to concentrate to not let tears form! After he said his prayer, and we talked about how he felt, it was like a light bulb went on in his mind. He realized that God truly had been answering his prayers! It was definitely a privilege to be there during that lesson.

After the lesson we had dinner at a Scottish member's home. She made us fish pie, and I came to find out that Sister Lambert doesn't like fish.. So being the good person I am, I had to shovel her food onto my plate while the member wasn't looking, and eat ALL of the fish pie! SO MUCH FISH PIE. We had to walk our bikes home after that, because I'm pretty sure I would have thrown up. But it was worth it! It actually did taste nice. Later that night on exchange, we stopped by a recent convert when Sister Lambert asked him how the missionaries found him, or how he found the missionaries. He responded by saying "I find the missionaries quite nice, and definitely helpful. I think they find me as a nutter." Yeah.. not exactly what she asked but hey, he likes the missionaries!

Oh, also on Sunday we had the opportunity to stop by a less active we've been trying to get a hold of for ages! We were talking to her and I asked her if she still read her scriptures and prayed and everything.. to which she told us she had stopped everything. She was still nice though, and gave us nice glasses of water. We talked a bit, and she explained that she left the church because of some things that had happened with some members. Pretty sad story actually. But as Sister Heikki and I talked about it afterwards, we realized that yes, we should be able to rely on leaders of the church, but they are still imperfect beings. There is truly only two beings that we can rely on 100% of the time, and they are God and Jesus Christ. We cannot put our faith in mortal beings, because we will eventually be disappointed. We must make sure that our faith is truly founded on Christ and His doctrine, otherwise we may end up in a place we don't want to be. Anyways, when we left the house we saw a quad (BoM,Bible,Pearl of Great Price, and D&C) sat on a table.. hmmm... we got the vibe that she secretly still reads them :) but who knows. Maybe she just likes the look of a fat leather religious book on her table.

I guess that's it till next week folks. Stay wonderful!

Sister Slack

PS Shout out to my mom for having a birthday!!! The big 45
The district. Me, Sister Heikki, Elder Hall, Elder Winder

 on our way to zone meeting on the bus

Me & Sister Lambert

And I decided to have a Christmas party.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 13: "She's got a cold... and you're ginger..."

Hey people in the world!!
Yes, I know it is Tuesday. But since dear Sister Heikki was sick, we had to move p-day to today (as we were not allowed to leave the flat). So, SURPRISE! Yeah. This last week has been full of good stuff.

It all started last Monday,we travelled on a bus to the wonderful world of Nottingham city centre! We did some shopping and all sorts, and then, we took another bus going north, when we finally came upon the Sherwood Forest!! Yes it is true. We only went there because that's where Sis. Heikki's doctor appointment was, but it was pretty legit. Who would have thought there is a hospital right in the middle of the forest?

This week we also had loads of meetings. On Tuesday we had Zone conference, where Nottingham, Coventry, and Leicester zones all got together to be inspired by our wonderful mission president. It was incredible! I got to see some of my friends from the MTC, and also learn a lot. Then that same night, there was a European women's broadcast from Germany! So we also got to see that. Which I highly recommend to anyone, you can find it online, it's called the European Sisters meeting or something like that.. Who knows. But we got to eat Mexican food while watching Elder Bednar and Ballard speak! So I don't really know how it could have been any better.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, we had Stake conference! Elder Massimo De Feo (of the seventy) came and spoke to everyone. Those guys just know how to speak by the spirit! One thing that he talked about was the story of Zaccheus (spelling is a struggle). He talked about how Zaccheus wasn't invited, but how he still wanted to see and be with the Savior. The Saviour then took the time to stop, and pay attention to this one man of great faith. There is so much we can learn here, but a main point is best said in the words of Elder De Feo : "The one is more important than any meeting."

 We also got to visit a less active this week, who goes by the name of Ian. He's a very... eccentric dude, and an actor/singer. And is obsessed with ginger cats. So as we were about to leave, we asked who he would want to say the prayer. We were with a member (who always seems to sound sick..) and he responded "Well.. she has a cold, and you're ginger, so you're going to say it." And yes, he did stand up pointing at each of us, and then Sister Heikki said the prayer. Swag.

Lately I've gotten the chance to re-read some general conference talks. They are pretty dang good!! So I want to share a quote with you guys that I think is pretty awesome. It's from Elder Richard G Scott, given this last April. He is talking about helping those who haven't received the gospel yet, or those who have fallen away:
"The children of Father in Heaven can do amazing things when they feel trusted. Every child of God in mortality chose the Saviour's plan. Trust that given the opportunity, they will do so again."
Trust each other, and also, love everyone. All people are children of God and know how to choose the right, so trust them that they will (but still be smart).

Yeah. That's what's happenin in the village of Eastwood. Stay classy.

Sister Slack
 in the Sherwood forest


Zone conference, seeing Elder Rutter (who I went to BYU with)

A little girl in the ward gave us some stuffed animals

Whenever I shave my legs or something.. I'll now think about dedicating a bench to it.

Companionship bonding at the doctor

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Well It's that time again!!
Here we are, on a Monday. Crazy, isn't it? This week... a lot happened and a lot didn't happen. I guess all there is to say is.. that's life!!! Also, I don't have much time this week, so.. sorry scatterbrainness..
This week has been full of ups and downs. We have been working with a recent convert a lot from Cuba, called Sandra. This week, we were over at her house, when her 14 year old son was there! After we taught her other son, Chingy, we asked Wayne if he'd like to learn more. Surprisingly, he said yes! We were stoked. But teenagers are hard to read.. so we didn't know how much to expect out of him. The next time we came to teach him, we got from his family that he didn't really seem too interested, but after talking to him, he told us that he read from the Book of Mormon!! What? Yeah he's pretty cool. We invited him to church, but his dad isn't very religious, so we were unsure if he was going to show up. We reminded him through text, but.. no answer.. but.. Lo and behold the next morning he showed up on Sandra's doorstep early and ready for church!!! MIRACLES. Pretty much, we were very excited.
Yeah. Well...I can't really think of too much else that happened this week... and we are leaving for Nottingham in about 4 minutes.. but please know everyone.. that this gospel is the truth. Jesus Christ is our saviour and loves us. He knows us and our situation perfectly. If you have no one else to turn to, turn to Him. His words are in the scriptures, so study them. God's words are known through the prophets, so listen to them. We are so blessed to live in a time when we have the gospel so accessible to us. Take advantage of it!! And, share it. Maybe even use words sometimes. But people who know you look up to the examples we share. Every person is a Child of God, and should always be treated as such.
Yeah. The gospel is THE BOMB.
Love, Sister Slack

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 11: "How do we forgive..?"

People of the world,

This week has been full of good stuff, so pay attention. Basically, all week long my lovely companion, Sister Heikki, has been sick. So we've had to stay inside pretty much all week.. but in that time being, we've also managed to teach some people and do some fun stuff. Last Monday, for P-Day, we went to the chapel to play some games with our district. We ended up being there the same time as the Rigby family, and we got invited to have a massive nerf battle! Gotta say my team won. That's right, number 1 every day.

Well.. ok pretty much this week we watched movies and played cards. After we visited the doctor, he advised us to not go into anyone's home. Great... that's all we do, go into people's homes to teach them! So basically, it was a week where I got to know what our flat looks like really well. I even did what no one else has done for the past year.. I bought a new dish scrubber. The other one was disgusting. And I bought cloths to clean everything. Wow.. I'm starting to sound like some clean freak.. But in other news, I did get the chance to make a Book of Mormon domino line. Pretty dang exciting.

On Saturday we were supposed to meet with this really awesome potential investigator. We had an appointment set up, and we had seen her a few times before - but never taught her- and she was excited to see us! A few hours before we were to head over there, she texted us and let us know that she never wanted to meet with us again. I was crushed. Why? I didn't even know this lady. I know that this gospel is something she needs, but she rejected it anyway. I just wanted her to feel this joy and love. It reminded me of how much our heavenly parents love us. They love us no matter what mistakes we make, and they offer endless opportunities to repent and change for the better. All they want is for us to be able to receive a fullness of joy and receive eternal life! I hope that everyone can eventually accept this incredible truth.

Yesterday we were also able to teach our 9 year old investigator, Chingy. He is such an awesome kid. His dad expressed concerns that chingy would not be ready for baptism this coming week, but after talking through it, he was convinced only after Chingy bore testimony. It was simple, but powerful. His dad asked him some questions, but ultimately Chingy responded with "God is real. I know it. God told me and showed me." My heart was so filled with joy to know that Chingy is prepared for whatever may come. He will do great things!

Anyway, England is pretty swagalicious. Full of fun, and also full of incredible people. Yesterday in primary we were talking about Christ's example and someone asked "How do we forgive each other?" and a few answered "Tell them it's alright!" And one kid said "Just give them a kiss!!" Right on kid. But maybe don't kiss everyone.

Much love,
Sister Slack

A member collects roman/Greek stuff. So we tried out his helmets and swords.

sword and helmet
Playing with a cool small snake.

After the rain.
Once we finally opened the coconut!!

What happens when your companion gets sick...
Some creature they call a companion..Sister Heikki
Chilling by the Chapel