Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 11: "How do we forgive..?"

People of the world,

This week has been full of good stuff, so pay attention. Basically, all week long my lovely companion, Sister Heikki, has been sick. So we've had to stay inside pretty much all week.. but in that time being, we've also managed to teach some people and do some fun stuff. Last Monday, for P-Day, we went to the chapel to play some games with our district. We ended up being there the same time as the Rigby family, and we got invited to have a massive nerf battle! Gotta say my team won. That's right, number 1 every day.

Well.. ok pretty much this week we watched movies and played cards. After we visited the doctor, he advised us to not go into anyone's home. Great... that's all we do, go into people's homes to teach them! So basically, it was a week where I got to know what our flat looks like really well. I even did what no one else has done for the past year.. I bought a new dish scrubber. The other one was disgusting. And I bought cloths to clean everything. Wow.. I'm starting to sound like some clean freak.. But in other news, I did get the chance to make a Book of Mormon domino line. Pretty dang exciting.

On Saturday we were supposed to meet with this really awesome potential investigator. We had an appointment set up, and we had seen her a few times before - but never taught her- and she was excited to see us! A few hours before we were to head over there, she texted us and let us know that she never wanted to meet with us again. I was crushed. Why? I didn't even know this lady. I know that this gospel is something she needs, but she rejected it anyway. I just wanted her to feel this joy and love. It reminded me of how much our heavenly parents love us. They love us no matter what mistakes we make, and they offer endless opportunities to repent and change for the better. All they want is for us to be able to receive a fullness of joy and receive eternal life! I hope that everyone can eventually accept this incredible truth.

Yesterday we were also able to teach our 9 year old investigator, Chingy. He is such an awesome kid. His dad expressed concerns that chingy would not be ready for baptism this coming week, but after talking through it, he was convinced only after Chingy bore testimony. It was simple, but powerful. His dad asked him some questions, but ultimately Chingy responded with "God is real. I know it. God told me and showed me." My heart was so filled with joy to know that Chingy is prepared for whatever may come. He will do great things!

Anyway, England is pretty swagalicious. Full of fun, and also full of incredible people. Yesterday in primary we were talking about Christ's example and someone asked "How do we forgive each other?" and a few answered "Tell them it's alright!" And one kid said "Just give them a kiss!!" Right on kid. But maybe don't kiss everyone.

Much love,
Sister Slack

A member collects roman/Greek stuff. So we tried out his helmets and swords.

sword and helmet
Playing with a cool small snake.

After the rain.
Once we finally opened the coconut!!

What happens when your companion gets sick...
Some creature they call a companion..Sister Heikki
Chilling by the Chapel

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