Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 15: SWANSEA

Well let's get this over with quick and easy.. I've been transferred!!! Last week we got the call that I was headed over to Swansea, in Wales, with Sister Lambert! Yes, we went on exchange like 2 weeks ago. But we are now whitewashing the area!
So here's my new address: 

47 Sketty Road
Uplands, Swansea

I cannot get over how beautiful it is here. We live right along the beach, and we can see it from our flat. In our area is also a University, so since it started classes up again today, we will hopefully get to teach so many wonderful young people! Already we've been able to talk to quite a few of them, and set up appointments to meet up again. People at this age are so open!

My last few days in Eastwood were good, and it was sad to let my trainer Sister Heikki go, but I feel like a new missionary! Sister Lambert and I get to start off the area nice and fresh, talking to everyone with a new point of view, and it's so exciting! The people here are so nice. I love Wales!

Quick funny story, yesterday we were invited to a members home for dinner. It's a younger couple, with 4 kids under the age of 4. Adorable! But as we were driving over, they couldn't remember my name, but didn't want to be embarrassed or something. So they decided to guess! Next thing I heard was.. "Hey, Sister Snail where are you from?" Nice try, but not quite there haha.

Ah, I don't have much time, and this computer wont let me send pictures! Hopefully I can get it to work next week.. But I love you all! Go watch general conference this weekend! It's going to be incredible :)

Sister Slack

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