Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 16: Funny you should say that...


This week has literally been one of the craziest on my mission so far. It feels like 3 weeks have past, but in a good way. We have done so much and met so many people, it is insane.

The university of Swansea started up again last Monday, so now the whole area is FLOODED with students. Which is PRIME. Sometimes it reminds me of my time at good ol' BYU because it is full of young people doing fun stuff.. except like none of them are members of the church.. Yet!! We have the Uni campus in our area, so as we find and teach people, they are all students from all over the world. We have talked to more Chinese and Africans than I've ever seen in my life, it's the best!! 

This last week was full of miracles, so I'll only share a few. So on Friday I had the chance to go on exchange! Miracles happen on exchange people. So Sister Williamson came to our area, and she stayed with me for those 24 hours. Just after my companion and the other sister left, we realized that they had taken our phone with them! So, we decided to go out finding for a few hours and pray for the best. We got loads of digits and set up some appointments (because people here are so open minded!!!) and met some incredible people. One girl agreed to meet with us just because we "seem like cool people". So that's awesome. As we talked to lots of people, we met one guy named Owen who we talked to for a few minutes. We invited him to general conference, and he said he'd come and bring friends! We were excited, but didn't know if he would actually keep his commitment.

The exchange went on, and the next morning we were out finding people. Literally the second guy we talk to invited to teach us right there and then in the park. It was awesome! He was from India and had some interesting ideas about meditation.. yeah. But after talking to him for an hour we realized we were going to be late for  an appointment! So we RAN to where we were supposed to be, and got there 25 minutes late only to find that no one was home. Awesome. 

Being exhausted from that uphill run, we walked back and talked to a few Chinese girls on the way home. The last one we stopped before going in for lunch was named Renee. I stopped her and started talking when she told me to just take her number because she was about to miss her bus into Cardiff. As I was writing it down, she suddenly burst into tears and told us that she just received the news that her uncle had died. Of course then we hugged her and comforted her as best as we could, and told her that she would see him again. She then told us that she felt a lot better and would see us this next week. 

So as the exchange was supposed to come to an end soon, and after teaching some more, my companion and Sis. Williamson's companion got back (an hour late. of course.). We were about to go inside when we realized that we had locked our keys inside of our flat... awesome. Eventually the zone leaders came and opened it for us and it all worked out!

Pretty eventful. That Saturday night we got to watch general conference, and it was incredible. Our investigator, Joao, came and watched. About an hour into it, I got a call from Owen saying that he was trying to find the church! We quickly grabbed a member and went to pick him up, only to find that he actually did bring a friend! It was incredible to be able to watch conference with 3 non-members around us. They all loved it.

General conference was good people. So watch it. OH. So on Wednesday Sister Lambert and I were talking to people on the street. We stopped this one guy, and the conversation went like this: 
"So do you have a belief in Jesus Christ?" 
"Funny you should ask that... I just got released from the mental institution for claiming to be the anti-Christ two years ago."
Alright man. He ended up being pretty nice for being a crazy person.

But yeah. I guess you could say I am IN LOVE with missionary work now. It is so much fun, and it is so awesome to be able to talk to so many people.

Have the best week people! I love you guys!

Sister Slack

So I found a nemo onesie in the flat.. so naturally we had to take some pics on our vintage green couch

rock climbing with cards

castle ruins in Swansea city center we found last pday

Umbrellas inside? Me & Sister Lambert

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