Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 18: Chinese Kung Fu

Here we are. Another week of the life of Sister Slack, enjoying the ways of the Swansea City. How is it that this is possible? Well. Doi. It's loads of fun here. And so many Chinese people!

Our area covers the university, so we have the opportunity to see so many people from all over the world. And it just so happens, that Chinese people are ALL OVER!! Which is the best thing ever. I'll just let ya all know about one of our investigators. Sherlock. Sherlock Jones. He is from China, and he chose his English name this last week because, in his own words, he is an "avid Sherlock Holmes fan". 

Anyway, we got to teach him about the life of Jesus Christ. It was going well and everything, showin him pictures of Christ's life. We get to a picture where Jesus walks on water, and he asks "Whoa, did that really happen??" We tell him yes. He responds pointing to the picture, "Oh, it's Chinese Kung Fu!" Exactly. Whatever makes sense in your brain, Sherlock. He's a pretty cool cat. He even made his way to church with us yesterday! 

OH. So on Tuesday, we got an interesting text from one of our investigators. He claimed to have read the whole Book of Mormon. Thinking that his English was just a little confused, we stopped by to find out if he had really finished it. Turns out, he had. In 3.5 HOURS. Mental. But pretty awesome. 

Well, I don't have really any more time right now, time flies. I'm sorry I don't have pictures, the computer is being weird. 

I love being a missionary here in Swansea! Sister Lambert and I are having the time of our lives, and we get to go see a castle today. 

Love you all, stay strong and feel the joy!

Love, Sister Slack

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