Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 20: "But I have stolen..."

Picture this... Two white girls from the North American continent walk into a cafe. They had a plan, they were determined to teach their friend Owen. They spot him across the way, surrounded by friends. They make their way over to him, are introduced to everyone, and then eventually teach all of them about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Which is actually how our week started out. It wasn't what we would call an ideal teaching situation, because they all ended up arguing among themselves, but we did feel pretty cool. We taught 4 people from Africa that night, and since 3 of them were guys, it was probably a funny looking situation. 

The next day we got to teach our good friend Sherlock. We taught him all about the ten commandments, and he actually wants to follow all of them. He's a cool guy. However, when we got to the commandment "Thou shalt not steal" he looked at us with the most serious look on his face and said "Oh, but I have stolen before." Being kind and caring, we were about to explain about repentance again when he burst out laughing saying "Stolen girls hearts!" Way to go, Sherlock. No worries folks, he is not some crazy person.

Halloween was this week, and we got to spend the whole day travelling to a meeting! We actually had to go on exchange, so I got to go to the mission home with Sis Thomson, who I knew in the MTC! It was pretty cool to go to the mission home with her. 

This weekend we also got to see two Chinese investigators get baptized! The elders have been teaching them for about a month, and it was so cool to see them take this step towards Christ. 

This week has been great, I love you all, and time is short! 

Sister Slack

Our whole district

Journey to Birmingham with Sis Thomson

Some sweet stained glass 

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