Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 21: Winter is coming...

Time has come.. And time has gone again. I can't believe already that another transfer has passed. This last week I had to say goodbye to my lovely old companion Sister Lambert, as she had finished 18 months of her mission and was being called home to Canada! So where does that leave me? Well.. Let's just say that her going home and travel arrangements involved lots of trains and even a missionary sleep over. 

Seeing as Sister Lambert left my presence on tuesday afternoon, I slept over in a city near Cardiff on tuesday night. On wednesday morning we woke up incredibly early to run to catch a 3 hour train ride to Birmingham back in England. Pretty dang exciting! Me and Sister Thomson traveled there together to pick up our new companions, who just so happen to be fresh out of the MTC. Yup, we both get to be trainers! 

My new companion's name is Sister Butler. She's a cool cat from South Carolina, and she loves to ride horses and play volley ball. We get along pretty well, seeing as she has excellent taste in music haha. But really, we do get on nicely. It is a brand new world, having to teach someone everything you know. It's definitely stressful, but it is also kind of fun. Since I don't know everything, the phrase "fake it till ya make it" has gotten a whole new meaning. 

Oh yeah, turns out that it does get really cold here. Remember when I didn't believe that this part of the world had any cold or any rain? That is a false statement. I've now learned that the sky can hold so much water, and also that when it is wet it can get really cold. My coat and scarves and I have become pretty great friends now! 

For example, yesterday Sister Butler, Sherlock and I were all walking up to church yesterday morning. When we first walked out of our house, it was nice and sunny and there was no sign of rain. No need for umbrellas! We were invincible Sister missionaries with a Chinese investigator walking up the hills of Swansea. About 5 minutes into our walk the clouds came and it started to rain.. and rain.. and rain all the way until we get to the chapel, when it actually stops raining. We all had to wring out our clothes before church started haha. 

Sherlock on the other hand, is doing quite well. I mean, he did complete the 30 minute trek in the rain with us to get to church! He will do such great things :) 
Turns out I don't have much more time.. But here are some pictures of sis thomson and I travelling (with HOT CHOCOLATE of course) And then me and SIster Butler. 

Sister Slack

Sister Thomson and Sister Slack (me)

Sister Butler and Sister Slack (me)

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