Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 22: (no subject)

Well basically here we are. Another week has FLOWN by and I am still in love with Swansea. In summary: we taught some welsh people, some Chinese people, had a zone meeting with all the missionaries in our area, ate some really questionable food, ate some really good food, had some ice cream, Sherlock wants to be baptized, taught some more Chinese people and the week pretty much went on like that. 

Oh wait, Sherlock wants to be baptized!?! How did that happen? Ah, good question. There we were, Sister Butler and I had prepared to teach him the Law of Chastity, and see how smoking was going. He sits down in the chair, tells us he is completely done with smoking. Miracle! Then the conversation went like this.. Me: So have you been thinking about being baptized? Him: yes. Me: So did you pray about it? Him: Yes, I need it. I need to be baptized. ....... yeah we didn't really know how to react other than to be super excited and pumped and have our hearts overflow with joy! 

Did that really just happen? Yes. Yes it did. In about 1 month he has gone from not believing in God to putting all of his faith in God and Jesus Christ. This gospel is truly incredible!

So basically we have been super busy trying to get everything ready for it, and to finish teaching him all of the lessons. Turns out, since Sister Butler and I have been together, the area has exploded! People have been bringing their friends to lessons, and those friends lead to more friends. Ah the life of a missionary is pretty awesome. Don't get too jealous.

This week we also had a dinner appointment with a woman in the ward who is not there all the way mentally, but she has the sweetest heart. We showed up to our appointment with her, and she totally forgot we were coming! She invited us in anyway, and started cooking some food. We were in the room next to the kitchen, and it suddenly started to fill with smoke. The member was yelling through the door "Don't worry, it's just the oil burning off!" while Sister Butler and I were suffocating.. So we rushed to open a door and then the smoke alarm went off! 

Then we ate the food, and we are pretty sure the plates haven't been properly washed in about a week. But we put our minds to it and cleaned our forks in the sink before eating and did our best not to pay attention to it. And here we are, still alive today! 

But anyways, I love the gospel and being a missionary! It has been so awesome to see people progress in the gospel. 

Love you all!

Sister Slack

Nu-era! Ahaha just like a church magazine.

Ready to teach in the library cafe!

Cold enough to wear hats.

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