Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 25: Chocolate muffins

What do you know, it's pday again!!! One week ago, the whole district (missionaries in Swansea) took a bus trip out to a beautiful place called Rhossili Bay, and lets just say it was BEAUTIFUL. Lots of cliffs, lots of sheep, lots of ocean, lots of awesome. You can't ask for more than that. Classic Wales.

So there is a girl named Georgie that a team of Elders are teaching, and she invited us over this week for lunch to make muffins with her. We traveled our way there, noticing that she lived in a more dodgy part of town, and when we finally made it to her house, all of her friends were there too. We walk in, and it turns out that all of them decided it was a good time to break many parts of the word of wisdom while we were there, and they may or may not have been a little bit in the clouds (if you know what I mean). As you all know, my body isn't a fan of gluten (found in wheat), so Georgie found this cool recipie where we made pretty much chocolate cupcake muffins with crushed almonds. 3 words: Chocolate, chocolate, and CHOCOLATE! They were so delicious. Sadly I didn't get to take pictures of them because we ate them all haha. While we were making the cupcake/muffins we talked to her about her thoughts of the gospel, and it turns out she likes learning it, but it is hard for her to change when all of her friends are living the opposite way of the gospel standards. So it was pretty fun to be able to eat muffins and help her resolve some concerns about the gospel!

Later in the week on Friday, we got to travel to a city outside of Cardiff called Rhiwbina for Christmas zone conference!! It was incredible. We got to listen to some beautiful musical numbers, and I got to sing as part of the zone choir. I probably didn't help out too much, because I've had a cold for the last bit and I'm pretty sure I sounded like a dying cow. But hey, it was fun! I also got to see some friends in the mission that I have served around before, and we all got to hear and learn more about Jesus Christ's life and birth. 

People are always prepared for the gospel, and I've definitely seen that as we've met and talked to more and more people and invited them to learn. 
I love you all and hope you have the best week!!!

Sister Slack

District pday at Rhossili Bay!

Just chilling on the cliffs 

Zone picture at zone conference (I'm in that patch of red clothing between Sister Andrew and Sister Butler)

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