Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 28: All the lonely oranges..

Hello everybody! 

Well here we are back on the normal P-Day schedule (mondays!). The past few days have been pretty dang exciting. Boxing day was pretty amazing, even though my legs were definitely sore for the next few days. I'm pretty sure I had more different types of cheese that day than I ever have in my life. It was awesome. 

On Sunday we made it to church and were talking to Brother Roberts about what we had on boxing day, when the bishop walks up and asks "Oh, are you talking about 9/11?" to which we tell him he isn't even close... and then he just responds with "Cheese eating surrender monkeys." I don't even know. But we were all dying of laughter!

So on Saturday we had an appointment set up with a man named Mohammed. We were waiting at the place we agreed to meet, when he calls us and tells us he is at a church close by. We told him we'd go to him him there, but once we got to the church, he was nowhere to be found! We called him and it turns out he decided to walk to where we were before. Long story short, after about 40 minutes of searching for Mohammed, we told him to come to where we were and we'd wait for a few minutes. He made it! We go inside the building and sit down, and then one of his friends (named Nareman) shows up and decides to sit down with us. 

Turns out neither of their english was very good (They were from Iraq and Iran.. they could hardly communicate with each other since one spoke Arabic and the other spoke Farsi) and we spent an hour and a half trying to teach them.. Half the time Mohammed was talking at us in his broken english trying to explain how we were wrong, but in the end they agreed to come to church. Hooray for language barriers. Our brains were tired after that, so on our way home we saw a lonely orange lying in the middle of the road. Feeling sorry for it, Sister Butler and I made it a song of it's own to the tune of the Beatle's 'Elanor Rigby'. I think that the orange felt pretty loved after that. 

Well that's all I have for this year. I'll see you all in 2015! I hope you all make some awesome resolutions (or predictions, for those who are a part of the Bonney clan). 

Much love,
Sister Slack

The zombie bird! It has part of its head missing.. We don't know how it's alive. 

 Christmas day beach time

A time we were in the flat

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