Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 29: 2015 the year of the bear

Wow, I haven't done this since last year! *Badoom chaa* classic.

Well this week started off with some nice rain. And it turns out, it's still raining! Hooray. I don't have much time, but pretty much.. nothing too exciting happened. On new years day, we woke up and decided to light a nice candle, in the shape of a bear. It was nice to watch it, and then I wanted to eat some nice hot tamale sweets. So I poked one with a pen, and popped it over the fire, and it was an incredible experience. The flavors were so incredible, that you'll all have to try roasted hot tamales yourselves. 

So on new years eve, we were walking around talking to some lovely people in city center, when all of a sudden I saw it. That's right, a massive super fluffy bear sized husky dog. Naturally, I had to go and pet it. I walk up to the guy holding it on the leash, and as I start to ask if I can pet his dog, the bear jumped up onto me and licked my whole face! I honestly didn't know how to react, and I don't think the owner did either. So he ended up just walking away with me standing there with bear slobber and a disgusted look on my face. 

This week has been one of those weeks where you don't really know what happened, because it was kind of weird. I think my favorite day this week was Sunday (yesterday). It'd been hard emotionally I guess, and I was really hoping church would help us out. When we got there, the first lesson we had seemed to be directed all towards me. Questions I had about how to act with certain people were answered, and I nearly cried (no tears were there though..). Eventually, in sacrament, things were amazing, and those that got up and bore their testimony were so inspiring. Before I knew it, I was getting up to speak as well. I spoke about how I know that Jesus Christ is truly the saviour and redeemer of the world. He is the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and He knows us perfectly. I guess I felt the need to share that with everyone because it is something that I have rediscovered over the last little while. It's the truth, and I love it. 

Let's make this year the best!

Sister Slack

This funky dog outside of the uni

Me and my pal the Lion

new years roasting hot tamales over pugsy the bear candle

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