Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 30: Much to his surprise, we are not aliens.

I don't even know how to explain this week. Basically, so many crazy things happened that if I wrote them down on tiny pieces of paper they wouldn't all fit in my house. 

Where to begin.. There we were, walking around the lovely Brynmill park when suddenly we see this older man walking towards us. He looks kind of familiar.. and as we get closer we realize that we have definitely stopped and talked to him twice before! The first time we met him, it was dark and he told us that he wouldn't invite us over, but that he would look at The second time we stopped him, we asked about the website, but he didn't actually check it out so we re-invited him then to look it up. So-then for the third time when we saw him he walked us over to a bench and told us he had looked it up and had been thinking a lot about it. He wanted to meet with us that day! We set up a time to go and see him at the local Costa Coffee shop. 

A few hours later we met him there, and he was kind enough to buy us smoothies, and even brought us a jar of his home collected honey from his beehives. We sat and talked about the restoration of the gospel. He was interested, he told us, but he didn't want to set another time to see us because he liked just running into us. Well.. We did our best and tried all we could to assure him that this was the best path-but in the end all we got was free smoothies and honey. So I guess I can't complain too much. 

Later in the week we were street contacting, and we met this guy who had heard of Americans and Mormons before! He told us all about how all Americans were aliens, and then asked us if all Mormons were aliens too. Much to his surprise, we are not aliens. But we had a great conversation and he ended up wanting to meet with us in the end. Hopefully he doesn't end up being an alien. 

Once again, there we were, in city centre, street contacting our little hearts away! It had been a longer day, raining all day and it was dark. We decided to start to head back towards our flat, when we saw an older lady and decided to stop her. Her name was Esmeralda and it turns out she was baptized into the church 5 years ago, and she had lost contact with the church! We met with her later on and she fed us some awesome Brazilian food (she's Brazilian) and now we are helping her come back to church

I love you all, and now I must go. But there was some other amazing miracles, as always. Keep it real!
Love, Sister Slack

 district pday nerf war!

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