Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 32: Keep your eye on the doughnut!

Wow what a week it has been. I feel like it went by super speedy.. and some proper good things happened this week.

Where to start.. On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission president (which were amazing, just so you all know.. President Rasmussen is one of the most amazing men I've ever met!) and then I got to go on exchange with Sister Lamb (who was in the MTC with me) in Merthyr Tydfil! That's right, and she drives a car! Woot! It was nice to not have to walk around in the cold dark alley ways and getting to drive through them instead.

On exchange, we got to talk to this awesome family who all got baptized this last weekend! It was cool to have the opportunity to teach them just one lesson on exchange. God certainly prepares people, and has everything work out for them to progress in the gospel! We also were able to run into this intense metal dragon, as seen below.

Upon returning from exchange, we had a lovely day here in Swansea, and then we had a second exchange where I went to Rhiwbina (near Cardiff) and Sister Butler went off to Birmingham. I was in a trio with Sister Thomson (also was in the MTC with me) and Sister Galvez for the day, and it was so fun to get to see how other missionaries work. We saw the cutest 90 year old man who loved to sing, and I don't think I've ever met that many welsh baptists in one day. 

On Saturday we met with a Chinese girl for the first time named Lily. She is the cutest girl, she loves Beyonce and is so excited to learn about the gospel and when we talked about baptism she said "Oh yes I am very interested to do that" in her adorable accent. It was so fun to teach her. 

This Sunday was a good last Sunday in Swansea. In Relief Society they were talking about being positive and being unified. One sentence  a sister said pretty much summed it up: "Keep your eye on the doughnut, not on the hole." We've got to remember that there are so many good things in the world, and that we should not focus on the hole that sometimes seems to be at the centre of our attention. Remember to look at the doughnut! Plus, it is a tasty treat (as long as it is gluten free). 

ALSO, this week is transfers,  so my address will be changing this week. Just so you know. It's sad to say I'll be leaving Swansea, but I guess that is part of missionary life. I don't find out where I'll be going until late tonight, but I'll let you all know next week.

Cheers everyone!

Sister Slack

ps people use cheers here for everything.. mostly to say thank you and to say goodbye!

Dramatic poster inside debnahms 
companion photoooo

Dragon I found on exchange in Merthyr!

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