Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 33: You are being transferred to...

Hello everybody! WOW what a week it has been. So every last Monday night of the transfer, we have something called "Dodge Night" where we get a call telling us where we are being transferred to and who our new companions will be. So we waited ALL Monday for our news to come in, and (Drumroll please...) I've been transferred to Coventry with Sister Urbani! My last companion, Sister Butler, is staying in Swansea to train a new missionary named Sister Marsden and look after everyone there. 

My last 2 days in Swansea were amazing. It just so happened to be my birthday last tuesday (thanks for the wishes everyone!) and so we had breakfast and dinner appointments to get to for those days, and we got to see so many wonderful people that we've gotten to know in Swansea. It was pretty much the best birthday gift ever to be able to see so many people that I love.

So, there was a little more to transfers but in summary I've now been called to be a Sister Training Leader in Coventry, which basically means 3 things: 1. We get a car 2. We get to go on exchanges with a lot of the sisters and 3. I had to learn how to drive on the left really quickly. I had assumed that since I was moving to Coventry that my new companion would be driving us home. I arrived in Coventry on the coach only to be told by a few Elders "No, Sister Urbani doesn't have her license." That's also when I found out that I'd be driven to our car, have to get inside, and then drive around and pick up people for transfers. WHAT. 

I hadn't driven for over 7 months! And the last time I had driven was in America, where we drive on the right side in nice big lanes with traffic lights and the American flag flying high with the star spangled banner playing.. Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture. Anyway, after we got dropped off at our car, I proceeded to try and figure out how British roads work and how to properly enter a roundabout with 4 lanes inside to go and pick up some Elders waiting patiently in the cold for us. It was only supposed to be about a 5 minute drive.. but because I had been in the city for about 15 minutes total and I had never driven in England, it took us about 40 minutes to get there because I kept getting lost. Needless to say, I did not crash. Victory!

In this past week we have also seen some incredible miracles. We got to teach one of our Albanian investigators about temples and family history, and in the lesson she explained to us that her whole family back in Albania should know about this. She decided then and there to send the missionaries to their door and to call up her family the next day to let them know that missionaries should turn up, and that they need to listen to them. She is such an incredible lady! She really loves feeling the spirit and wants everyone to know about her feelings in the gospel. 

We also got to meet with an 18 year old kid about the plan of salvation. He lost his mom a few years ago, and when we started talking about how his prayers went he explained that he had been praying to see his mom again. That night after he had prayed, he saw his mom in a dream and he knew that was an answer to his prayers. It was incredible to hear how the gospel is blessing his life already. 

I know that this gospel is what brings me the most happiness, and I am so excited to share it with the people in Coventry. 

Much love,

Sister Slack

Ps: Since I moved, my address is now:

Sister Slack
67 Blondvil Street
Coventry, England

letters are always welcome ;)

 The gate to Singleton park we always walked through in Swansea

 Goodbye to Sherlock

Dawn Morgan--She made us gluten free red velvet cake for my birthday! She's amazing :)

Me & Owen (from swansea)

Somehow me and Sister Thomson went on exchange again

Transfers (Sister Butler --my missionary daughter, and Sister Marsden- my missionary granddaughter) sorry my eyes are closed...

 Me and Karl (a less active we worked with a lot, and now he's back to church!) (he's looking like a champ)
My birthday egg that Sister Butler made me (yes, we were SO sick of cake)
 Me + the Roberts family--they are amazing!

Snowing! Me & Sister Urbani

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