Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week 38: Oh lets go to a meeting

Hellooo everyone. I think I can summarize this week into one word: Meetings. Yup. All over the place. 

So we can start from the beginning, on tuesday we traveled to Birmingham to the mission home for mission leadership council. It was definitely uplifting and awesome, President Rasmussen was able to inspire us to the max. I got to see some awesome people, and then we were able to go back and have one of the most awesome times at a members home. We went to a family called the Borges, and they fed us dinner with our friend Grace. It was delicious, and then we had a powerful lesson about recognizing the spirit. It was sweet. 

The next day we got to do a workover with the sisters in Nuneton, they are awesome. We were walking down the road and we passed this guy, and then I felt like we should just turn around and speak to him. So we stopped him, and it turns out he had gone to an LDS school before, and he had recently turned his life over to Christ. It was amazing to speak to him about his life, and then we set an appointment for them to see him next week. 

On Thursday and Saturday we had Leicester and Coventry zone meetings where we gave some awesome training on the Europe Area Plan for the church to grow. We also were able to visit with loads of our favorite missionaries and eat delicious food. Although it was a little hard to stay awake at times because the night before (wednesday) we had to go to the A&E (the emergency room) for Sister Urbani. Turns out that by emergency room, they mean wait hours to get treated. So finally after 4 hours of waiting, we were finally seen. In the end, we made it home by 2am. Having been going to bed at 10:30 every night since last June, it was a bit of a shock to the system. But we are well and alive now! Oh, and Sister Urbani is fine :)

We also went on exchange with the sisters from Westcotes this week. It was awesome, we found this guy named Raimund. He was pretty drunk, but he gave us his number anyway. On saturday we called him and invited him to church, and on sunday he showed up to the church. So it was awesome!

Buut time is short, so I love you all!!
-Sister Slack

Me & Sister Lamb at mission leadership council

Planning inside the public library

 A&E at 2 am

 Candy's Baptism

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