Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 39: "Let me go into my library.."

Hello everyone! Here we are, sitting at the computer again. Last week was full of exciting moments, and even some sunshine! I was so excited for spring until this morning it started to hail.. I think this country is a bit confused about what season it is. But, I am grateful to have a nice warm coat and some gloves to keep me toasty while the sky is getting fixed.

This week was transfers, and SURPRISE! I get to stay in Coventry with Sister Urbani. It's not really a surprise, but hey those calls are never 100% predictable. Since this is Sister Urbani's last transfer, we are planning on working the hardest we ever have. So I am pretty excited for the transfer. Since we knew people were leaving, we all went to the transport museum last Monday and checked out some nice bikes and cars. Turns out the museum is undergoing some major renovations, so all we got to see was like a room full of bikes, and 2 rooms of cars. Good thing it was free! 

We also had a dinner appointment with the Russel family this week, and they are a fun and funky bunch. We were talking about mission stories, and they started talking about how one of their friends got shot in the leg on their mission. After that, it was nonstop fake shooting and killing from the kids. I don't think I've ever been shot more in my life, except for maybe the one and only time when I played call of duty. Of course, the evening wasn't complete until one of the children sprayed chocolate sauce all over the place after claiming "I don't even like chocolate!" Pretty exciting.

While we were teaching one of our investigators, Uche, this week we somehow came to the topic of alcohol. We explained that we didn't drink it, one of the reasons being that it is bad for you, and then he responded with "HAH, you are wrong, let me counter you with sources. Let me go into my library." He then puts his finger to his head, and I asked him if the library was in his mind. Where he said "Yes, a library in my head." Alright.. well he was unable to find his sources because his library "wasn't working". Too bad, really. I was looking forward to seeing how he worked with his mind powered library.

This week we were feeling pretty bold, so we had many experiences and miracles come from that. Specifically, one day we were with an investigator named Villa where he told us he would only come to church if he flipped a coin.  Heads-he would come, and tails he wouldn't. While he was flipping the coin, I decided that this was not ok. Leaving church and eternal salvation to a coin toss? I don't think so. So while the coin was flipping I grabbed it and told him that coming to church was too important to leave to chance, and that the only way to find out about God would be to come. Then we invited him again to church, and he immediately said yes! Sadly he didn't actually come to church on Sunday, because he got an email telling him that he had to go work or something.. but he gave us his Chinese word that he'd be there next week. So I'll keep you guys posted. 

We also had an amazing lesson with our friend Kristina. She has been meeting with missionaries for over a year, but has had a hard time setting a day to be baptised on. We brought two brethren with us, one being the stake patriarch (a leader in the church). We sat down, and began talking just about life in general, and then she starts to tell us about a dream that she had. We asked her what she thought it meant, and she said we've been talking about baptism for a while now, but I think it has something to do with that. YES. Then, Patriarch Peedle went on to tell her his conversion story, and the spirit we felt there was amazing. After he bore his testimony to her, we invited her to be baptised on a specific day, and she accepted. Miracles are real people.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for now, but keep on keeping it real!

Sister Slack

 transport museum


 A carrrr

More love shakes

Seeing Candy and the Elders


 The Russels (Minus bro Russel)

District pic

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