Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 45: Amazing Grace

Well well well. What a week it has been. First of all, it was sunny ALL week! Incredible, right? I actually went outside without a coat on, so that was a miracle in itself. 

This week was probably one of my most favourite weeks I've had in my mission. Why? Many reasons. One, we got to help a wonderful family called the Top's move house. We haven't had many opportunities to do much service during the winter, so it was really awesome to be able to help them move all of their stuff. It amazes me how much people can fit into these tiny houses in the UK. Two: we got to have dinner with Kristina (remember her?) and some of her friends. They are such lovely women with warm hearts, we were fed a nice meal and were able to have full bellies and happy faces. 

And of course, Grace. I'm sure some of you already looked at the pictures first and put it together. I'll give you the whole story. We were walking along one chilly day in February, when we stop this chinese girl on the street. We start talking, and ask her how long she's been in Coventry. "Only a few weeks, I just moved here from Swansea Uni." At this time, I had just moved from Swansea to Coventry. We were instantly connected, and agreed to meet up again later. We met her in the library at first, and she confessed that she had just met with us because she wanted to be friends, not because she wanted to learn about God. We talked more and found out that her mom was Christian, and Grace went to church with her every week for a few years, but never felt anything and refused to think that God could be there for her. 

Fast forward to over 3 months later, and  on Saturday she was baptised. She knows for a fact that God is there and cares about her. Talking to her after she got baptised, she explained "I feel so brave, like the bravest person in the world! I feel amazing, this is the best day!" and after receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday she ran to us and hugged us, saying "Thank you! Thank you, I have changed so much, you have worked so hard, thank  you for this." Words can't describe how much happiness there was that day. We have gone through rough and wonderful times with her, and it it is the most amazing feeling to know that a friend has joined the church of God. 

Another miracle happened this week as well. The Elders in our district have been teaching a 14 year old girl named Chloe for a few months now. She has basically been absorbed as part of the ward already, and she is amazing. Her mom, however, would not let her get baptised. After lots of prayers and fasting from everyone, her mom finally agreed to let it happen. She is the sweetest, and she got baptised this last weekend as well. The world is on fire!

Also, on Monday we went to the Coventry Cathedral. We got to walk up 180 spiral stairs to the top, and it felt like we were walking forever in circles. Never ending staircase. But it was beautiful! It always blows my mind that people can build such beautiful buildings without modern tools. But that would explain why the tower is slightly crooked...

Anyway, til next time!
Sister Slack

 District time at the Cathedral 

When Grace decided to get Baptised 

Grace's Baptism

Everyone getting baptised/baptising
Atop the cathedral
can't get enough of GRACE

 We also helped with the family history fair, so here we are!
Chloe after her getting baptised! She is awesome.

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