Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 51: nailed it.

Hello people from the outside world.

This week has been jam packed full of fun and action, as you could guess, because being a missionary is the best! We started off our week with a girl named Jessica. Let me tell you a little bit about Jessica:

Sister Urbani and I met her back in sometime like... March. And she was super cool, but nothing really happened with her. Long story short, we ran into her again and she told us she was going to Berlin! But only for a week. So when she got back from her trip (last Sunday) she texted us and we set up a meet. And basically, I've never met anyone more prepared for the gospel in my LIFE.

We started off with the restoration and she immediately went home and started to read the Book of Mormon. Two days later we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and at the end of the lesson she told us "Oh yeah, I already knew about all of this, I watched a video about it yesterday." She had already prayed about it, and feels like it is true. Amazing! She also has had some opposition from her mom, but she talked it over with her mom and told her to do some research, and as her mom did some research (searching for things wrong with the church) the only bad thing she could find out was that she wouldn't be able to drink tea, coffee, or alcohol anymore. We hadn't taught her about it yet, and so we switched our plans then to talk about it at our lesson at 4:30 that day. That night we had organized a sports night (6:30pm) and she wanted to come. Between our lesson with her and the sports night, she went home and poured out her alcohol down the drain, replaced her tea with herbal tea, and bought chocolate milk instead of coffee. She is so excited to be a part of this church, and keeps reminding us that she is ready for this life-long commitment. She is definitely our miracle of the week!

In the middle of the week we had a movie night with investigators and such, and we watched the Prophet of the Restoration. It was awesome, obviously, until we came outside and everyone had left and we come to find a GIGANTOR nail inside of our tire. Great. It was 8:40pm, and we need to be inside at 9pm. Naturally we are perfectly capable of taking off and putting on the other tire by ourselves. We were doing great, we got all the bolts off, except for one. Sadly, it needed some sort of adapter thingy. Eventually, we called the assistants to the president and they drove on down to help us out, because the manual instructions weren't helping out. Long story short we got into our flat by 10:50, and it was fine and dandy and we woke up nice and early the next morning to drive far away down to Leicester to give some excellent (if I do say so myself) training on being unified. Unity = key to happiness everyone. 

We also got to go on exchange with the sisters in Loughborough, and I took my good friend Sister Powley back to Coventry with me. We had a blast, we ate some Ben & Jerry's, we taught Jessica, played sports, and enjoyed life. I love going on exchange with these amazing sisters. They are the best. 

On Sunday, there was a Europe North broadcast with Elder Holland, and he spoke from Scotland. It was amazing, and his testimony is so powerful. It is such an honor to be a missionary of the Lord, and I am so grateful that I get to serve the people here in Coventry. 

Thanks for everything peoples, you are amazing!
Sister Slack

Me & President Rasmussen (MLC this week)


I can fit inside the car boot

Ice cream

We cut my hair yesterday.. Just a trim. OH, sister thomson has never cut hair before, but it worked out alright :) 

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