Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 53: One year older and wiser too!

Wow what another amazing week. It has brought on a lot of reflection and eating of chocolate sweets and gluten free pastries and pizza. It  was a little over exactly a year ago that I hopped on a plane in Salt  Lake City to begin the adventure of learning a bit of the British  culture. At the time, all I knew was how to fake a posh British  accent, and I didn't even know what the word posh meant. Now I can do about 4-6 different british accents, and I even know what posh means! Wow. What great lessons I have learned on my mission.

Well it's been crazy. Where to start... Tuesday I headed on down to Westcotes to spend the day with one of my favourite sisters, Sister Leiss! She's so awesome. She's from Germany, and we had a blast. We cleaned out a hoarders house (well, only a part of it), taught the cutest hindu family, found an awesome Zimbabwe couple, and a really cool girl named Rachel. We got to bike around in the sun and I got this mental sunburn on the back of my neck! What that was about, I don't know.

The next day we had someone come and fix my shower, so that was really nice now I can have a normal shower every day. We also taught Jessica about families and stuff, and it was pretty dang exciting. She is amazing. And she is totally getting baptised this Saturday at 6 pm, so if any of you happen to be in Coventry then, feel free to come.

We also went on exchange with the sisters in Nuneaton and I was with Sister Anderson. She is so awesome! She's from the good ol USA and we had a blast. We met some incredible people and tried to clear out a jungle for a service project. Definitely a blast with her!

One evening we went to dinner with Jessica, Sarah (a member), Kristina, and Tish (member). I think it was one of the best times I've had at dinner so far! They are all hilarious, and it was so fun to have some girl time and eat delicious food. They are incredible people.

Miracle that I am thinking of at the moment: We taught Jessica about the law of tithing this week, and she has been setting aside money for it. She's been having a hard time seeing how things will work out financially. She'd been praying and praying all day, and as she went out of her flat to go to work, she put her hand in her back pocket and found 50 pounds (about $75). God always takes care of us when we put him first, no matter what.

I love this church so much, and honestly I have learned sooo much over the past year. I think one thing I've learned the most is how to love people more. It's amazing to know what little things can make a difference, and as Elder Holland put it "love given is not love divided, but multiplied."

I love you all!
Sister Slack

Flowers outside our apartment

exchange with the westcotes sisters!

at the castle


and Jessica!

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