Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 54: I can't think of a subject right now

HEY everyone! So this week was awesome. Brilliant. Fabulous. Fantastic. All of that. Pretty much amazing because I made Gluten free cupcakes!!! YAY! And it was also amazing because of some other reasons.

 First things first, our investigator Jessica got BAPTISED. She is amazing, I can't even describe how awesome she is. She's hilarious, down to earth, and she's even British. Teaching her for the last 3 weeks has been amazing, and she has progressed so fast. She always checked with God as to what He wanted for her, and it led her to be baptised. It was definitely one great moment of my mission to see her go into the font. Everything was flawless. We love Jessica. And everyone else does too :)

MIRACLE STORY pay attention. Sooo Sister Thomson and I have been stopping by some members and dropping off notes to them. We stopped by this younger couple and left a note (they were not home. sad day) and then decided to try this one house I thought a recent convert lived in. So we knock the door, and BOOM she was there! Her name is Jolene. She was baptised about a year ago in a place called Newcastle. She told us as we introduced ourselves "I actually really wanted to come back to church this week, I just feel it and I don't know why." Amazing. BUT it doesn't end there! She came to church the next day and brought a friend named Michael, he's pretty cool. During it she felt the spirit so strong, and asked us "Do you think Heavenly Father sent you to my door?" The answer is YES.

 After church we had a munch and mingle (where people bring food and then we chow after church) and I'm talking to Jolene and she is looking to see if her friend Michael is ok. "He's over there talking to Elder Tsai," I told her. She immediately looks at me "Tsai??" Turns out Elder Tsai's brother served in Newcastle a year ago and baptised Jolene! It was amazing to see all of the connections fall into place. I still can't get over this.. it's so crazy.

2 Exchanges this week! First with Sister Crowley in Glenfield, and it was awesome. We taught so many people with the cutest babies. Too bad missionaries aren't able to hold them.. Sigh.. It's ok.

Later, Sister Sorensen from De Montfort came to Coventry with me, and she is so amazing! Wow she just loves missionary work. We had a really great time together. I love getting to know all of the sisters, it's definitely been one of my favourite parts of the last few transfers.  ANNND yup that's the big moments.

Oh, and we taught a guy named Obinna who gave us about a 10 minute lecture on modesty. It was interesting, seeing as he is a 25 year old guy studying at university telling us what dress is appropriate or not. Well pal, good news, missionaries always dress appropriately! Yay! +1 us. 

Overall, I love missionary work. Things are amazing. Sister Thomson and I love each other, and it's a blast in Coventry. We get a new mission president next week, so that will be interesting but awesome to see what happens. 

I love you all!
-Sister Slack


Jessica got Baptised!

 Exchange with De Montfort!

And our friend Tony! He's 6 foot 6 and pro at playing basketball. 

FHE last monday

More of Jessica

Jessica got Baaaaaaptiiiiiiiiiiised! In case you just skipped the email and went to the pictures

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