Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 56: Shottingham

Hello everybody! 

It's been a crazy week, to say the least. SO much has happened, I'll start with transfers. I moved to Nottingham! I've been transferred to the Nottingham 2nd ward, in the Nottingham zone. If any of you can remember about a year ago, I was in Eastwood, which also happens to be in the same stake. In my first transfer I went on exchange to the flat that I now live in. Pretty sweet. 

It was bitter sweet to get transferred. I'd been in Coventry for about 6 months, and Sister Thomson and I became best friends, it was sad to leave the people there. It's always exciting to go somewhere new and to a new ward, and my companion is now Sister Miller. She is from Germany and is so sweet! I'm excited I think we'll do great things together. We have already had some strange bonding moments haha. 

YUP and if you have packages to send, then send them to the mission home. Ask my mom for it she has it (thanks mom!) 

So pretty much it was the best week to transfer into Nottingham. I got here and guess what? They had planned a ward activity to go to the beach! So I got to go to the beach and enjoy the sun and fun because we had loads of people we're working with come. It was so awesome. We all took a coach and it took 2.5 hours to get there, and so on the way down one lady decided to start singing nursery rhymes with everyone. So there is this one kid who is obsessed with star wars, and he announced "I know the whole anthem! Can I sing it??" Go for it kid. So then he starts singing "Dum dum dum da dum da da dum" And that goes on for about two minutes and the lady at the front says "Oh thank you for that." And he shouts immediately "I'M NOT DONE YET!!" And continues faithfully singing his star wars song :) haha it was hilarious. 

We had some cool miracles happen from that beach trip. I was able to teach someone more about the Book of Mormon, and he has never been interested in reading it, and now suddenly he asked me "What chapter is this, can I read it?" And so mini miracle he wants to read the Book of Mormon and start learning more about Jesus Christ. YAY. 

Fun Fact about my area, it's one of the most dangerous places in the mission. Apparently people get stabbed here like once every fortnight, and so we aren't really allowed to work many places after dark. They sometimes call it Shottimgham here :) I always knew my karate skills from when I was like 8 would come in handy one day. But it's great. I love Nottingham. I am excited for everything that will happen! 

Before I moved to Nottingham on Wednesday, I got to say goodbye to a lot of people. It was sad but also really great to see everyone in one day. Our friend Tony even made us African food for lunch, it was delicious! Chicken and rice with loads of random spices. I'm now learning that people often smell like the food they cook, and it all makes sense now. 

Oh, we had a dinner appointment with a lady this week and she wont eat with us unless we eat with our hands. SO I decided to give it a try. We had curry for dinner, and somehow it worked out that I ate the whole meal with my bare right hand. I feel like I deserve a wilderness explorer badge or something. 

We also had a meeting with the mission president on Friday, and it was amazing. He is so inspired. It is incredible to recognize the help Heavenly Father gives him. He taught us all things that are changing the way we do missionary work for the better, and I know that God chooses those He knows are prepared. 

That's about it for now. 

Sorry I don't have many pictures..It's hard to attach them here.

Much love,
Sister Slack

(These pictures from email sent to me- meaning Lara's mom. Sorry there was not any info on what or who is in the pictures. Also, if you would like her address, please message me or FB me and I will be happy to share it).

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