Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 59: Pink Highlighter

WOW so this week was crazy amazing. You're probably thinking "she says that every week." Well, you're probably right. I'm pretty optimistic :) 

But really, this week was incredible. We started the week off by going to Wollaton Hall- yes the place where part of Batman was filmed! It was beautiful, Sister Miller and I bopped around and took lots of pictures of dead animals, and even made some videos of us being batman. They provided the capes. It was a little awkward though when I was running down these fancy stairs with a batman cape and a whole family of foreigners walked in. I got over it though, no worries. 

So here is the big time miracle story of the week. Prepare yourself mentally, because it's amazing. We have been working with this guy named Jermaine. He has made some incredible changes in his life, and this week he started taking things much more seriously. He started praying about what he should do, and if the Book of Mormon is true. On Monday we stopped by, and he was in a terrible state. He had had one of the hardest weekends, and he felt sick spiritually (those were his words). We were able to lift his spirits, and that night he said he had been praying for God to send someone to help him, and then we showed up. We told him we wanted to do everything we could to help him, and so we set things up to see him every evening this week. We go over again on Tuesday, and had another super spiritual lesson with him, and he was just absorbing everything. Wednesday we go there, and we were all feeling the spirit and having a wonderful lesson. At the end, I asked "Can we still see you tomorrow?" And he told us "About that.. I prayed about it and I feel like I shouldn't see you again until next week." Ouch. 

Well you can never argue with someone who says they pray about something and got an answer. So we set up a time to go by the next week. We told him that if he needed us to come earlier, that he should put up a sign on his window and then when we passed his house we would stop by (he has no phone). We left feeling good, but kinda weird about it all. 

So we continued on with our week, we had some fun times with awesome members, I had some good gluten free food, we had a district meeting where we ran through the field, and I was craving mac and cheese all week. Prayers get answered people, the next day some members fed us gluten free mac and cheese! 

Friday, we got to go on exchange with the sisters from Wylde Green, where the mission home is. It was so fun! I got to have Sister Lee come back to Nottingham with me. It was a blast. We met this lady who met missionaries 14 years ago, and now she wants to learn more. She is going to london for a few weeks, but we are excited to see her when she gets back. We were doing great, taught a lesson, and then we were STARVING. We were sooo hungry. So we decided to go home to have dinner. On the way home we pass Jermaine's house, and I feel this sort of electric shock go through me. I looked over, and there were 2 notes on his windows. I immediately whipped the car around, we jumped out and looked at the notes. In pink highlighter it was written: Sisters, come back before Wednesday. -Jermaine. 

Naturally the thing to do is to knock on the window, so that's what I did! He came and opened the door, and here is what he said:
"Ah, I was hoping Sister Miller would be here for the news. But you're ok too. Well, I've been thinking and praying a lot, and I want to get baptised."

Pretty sure my mouth dropped to the floor.. 

He went on:
"And since this is what I want to do, I thought there is no reason in waiting, so I want to come to church on Sunday, I'm glad you saw my notes!"
He should be getting baptised at the beginning of September.

People. God answers our prayers. He answered Sister Miller's and my prayers, He answered Jermaine's prayers. God listens to us all the time, and will answer in His own time. 
Jermaine came to church on Sunday and loved every minute of it. Another one of our investigators named Kev also came with his 3 year old daughter. Sister Miller and I had to go on splits with members to get them there, but eventually we all made it to church and I was beaming from ear to ear about everything that had happened during the week. Plus church was amazing. I love church. And I love Nottingham. I love everything!  

God loves us so much, He provides everything at the right time. I love this gospel so much! I am so happy that I get to be a part of this work.
I love you all!

-Sister Slack 
Here we are!

Wallaton Hall

The note on the window!

Me & Sister Lee after Jermaine told us he wants to get baptised.

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