Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 61: Power Walking

Hey people around the world! It was another crazy week, and yes we may
have chased a few people down to talk to them. Always the best.

We had 2 awesome exchanges! The first one was with Sister Beck in
Lincoln. We had some time to stop by less actives and talk to people
on the way. There was this one girl booking it down the road, speed
walking to class. I do my best to stop her and she says "can't stop,
uni student, gotta keep moving." Naturally the thing to do is to go
with her. We walked with her for a good ten minutes, and in the end
she wanted to meet with us!  She also dated a Mormon at one point in
her life. 2 minutes after we met her, we chased down this other guy
with his son and he also dated a Mormon! He also wanted to learn more.
It was awesome.

Plus we got some nice exercise.

If you remember, about 3 weeks ago Sister Owusu and I were in Lincoln
and met a guy named Ben who was super awesome. Yesterday he got
baptised! While I was there in Lincoln I got to teach him about the
law of tithing. He was just so prepared for everything in the gospel!

We also went on exchange with the sisters in Wylde Green, and I was
there with Sister Lee! She is so awesome. We saw the cutest puppy.

Church on Sunday was pretty amazing, Helena (who we've been teaching
for a few weeks) came for the first time! We took the bus with her.
She wasn't there on time, and the bus to go to church was about to
leave, when she hopped off a different bus and ran to us! It was
amazing. She brought her little boy to church, and he loved primary so
much he told us at the end "we are coming again next week!"

Cool miracle, we met this guy named Valentine a while ago who never
showed up to his appointment. I ran into him on the street again and
he told us he wanted to see us! We saw him on Saturday, and he's one
of those people who asks all the right questions. People are so
prepared to accept the gospel sometimes it's ridiculous.

I love being a missionary. I've been thinking about a quote this week,
Elder Holland said "love in the gospel is not divided, but always
multiplied." All the people we meet are amazing. I've become attached
to the people here, all of them have something to offer, and something
for us to learn. When we love them, everything we do somehow becomes easier.

This week is transfers, and things will be crazy, but I'll let you
all know next week!

Love you all, keep it classy people.

Sister Slack

Last PDay we had lots of fun!

 Ben and Sister Beck- from Lincoln

Zone picture

Found sister urbani! She was at the mission home when we had a meeting.

Sister Lee Exchange! She made us kimchi, and it was so good!

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