Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week 63: What?

It's raining, It's pouring, it's bank holiday! There are a few holidays that happen in England where everyone gets work off, and each time there is one, the earth decides it's time to rain there. So of course, it's raining today! It's not stopping us from having fun though. 

We've had one of those weeks where a lot happened but nothing really happened at the same time. Things went by in a blur, and we had lots of moments where we just looked at each other and said "What?"

For example: Sister Grant and I were just walking down the road talking to people. We stop this mom who has a few kids walking behind her, and suddenly her 4 year old son runs up to Sister Grant and jumps on her and just starts hugging her. What? All we said was "Hello" and this boy decided that he needed a hug from Sister Grant. I couldn't stop laughing, but we somehow managed to get the mother's details anyway.

Another "what?" moment: we met this guy last week who told us to come by his house and teach him. His name is Matthew. We go to Matthew's home at the appointed time, and no one answers. Later that same day, we just happened to be in front of his house checking out our map of where to go next. He walked out his door, looked at us, and then ran back inside his house. Well, I don't know what it is but sometimes people just feel the need to run away from us. It must be because the glow of the gospel is too strong!

Most of our week consisted of talking to people on the streets and getting rejected a lot. Especially on Saturday. I decided to count how many people said no, and in the space of a few hours we had talked to 82 people and only 4 of them had decided to stop and talk to us for a little bit. There are elect people out there, but the Lord just wants us to be persistent. Eventually, the last person we talked to we got to have a 30 minute lesson with and invite him to see us again. He responded with "I'll definitely be there." 

We had one day where we had run out of pass along cards, and it was time for us to head to an appointment. We were about to leave the town centre, when we looked up and I saw this tall person walking towards us. I decided to stop him, and he was actually pretty nice! (Bear in mind that we had just been told to go away by everyone) He told us that it was actually his day off, and that he normally didn't go that way through town. We set up a time to meet him, and went our separate ways, and he was a lovely genuine guy. People are ready for the gospel, we just need to find them!

Another time we were talking to people out by our flat, and we saw this Asian looking man. It's not common for them to be in this part of town, so we stopped him and he told us "I lost my friend, and she doesn't speak English. I've only been here for a week." Wow. We tried to help him find his friend, but eventually he got a phone call and he was able to get things sorted out. He was so grateful that we stopped and talked to him and tried to help. Everyone needs a friend when theirs are lost!

That's about all I have time for today, we are about to head off to the zoo! Have a lovely week and remember that Jesus Christ is the best. I am so happy to know that He is my best friend, and that all He wants to do is help us out. 

Much love,
Sister Slack 

First day with Sister Grant!
Chillin waiting for a man to come to an appointment
We found a horse.

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