Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 64: Let it Rain!

Hola people in the outside world. This week was pretty amazing, and full of glorious miracles. This week I don't have much time remaining because we are going to the zoo, and we are leaving soon so I apologize in advance for a shorter email!

We started off nice and rainy. Every night around 8:30 pm for the first 3 days of the week God decided to let the heavens open and pour buckets on top of us. Of course, it takes us 30 minutes to bike home, and so each night we would get on our bikes, bike home, and arrive with our shoes full of water and ringing out our skirts. At least we could change our clothes!

Let's get to the point, the miracles. Two weeks ago we stopped by a less active family we found on our map, the father opened the door and said we could come back, but that that his wife especially wasn't too happy with the church, and wouldn't be able to come anytime in the near future. That's alright, we can work with them. In talking to the ward we realized that this family was being constantly prayed for and missed dearly. 

We returned back on Friday for our return appointment, to a great surprise! The father and his daughter were there at the door, and he started off with "Well, I told my daughter that you were coming, and she let the cat out of the bag to her mum." In my head I was thinking, "Oh no... they won't ever want us to come back!" and then he continued with "She was pretty angry with me, and not too happy about things. Just a few hours earlier today though, my wife called me and told me that she had been thinking about it and came to the conclusion that we should all go back to church!"

My mouth fell open, and we couldn't stop smiling! This Brother was beaming, and his daughter was so excited as well. They then told us they would be coming back this Sunday, and that his wife would return in a few weeks to church. It was incredible! He then said to us "Prayers do get answered."

It's so true, Heavenly Father loves us so much and answers our prayers. Sometimes it takes longer, but it is ALWAYS worth it in the end to wait for His perfect timing.

That same day we went to another less active family, who also decided to come to church after 4 years to have their 6 month old baby blessed! MIRACLE. And all of their children have not been baptised yet, and so we are going to hopefully being teaching them the lessons. They are all such bright kids and they have brains like sponges!

Church on Sunday was amazing, the ward really embraced all of the returning members and made them feel so welcome and happy. Sundays are always amazing, but it's always special when people you've been working with decide to come as well. I love this gospel. I've found out for myself that it is more than just a group of good ideas put together, but it is a perfect package of eternal truths leading us to happiness.

Till next time!

Much Love,
Sister Slack

PS we had a ward activity where we walked through the park, and that's where the first picture is from :) 
 Photo from the park! 

 District meeting - we had to bring things that were patriotic and all I had was a dollar bill

Post rain

On our way to zone meeting

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