Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 65: It's a Monday again!

Where to even begin... It's monday! In case you didn't know. It's been one crazy week, that is for sure. 

We started off by going to the zoo! Wow. I don't know why, but I've always wanted to go to the zoo on my mission, and finally the dream came true! It was amazing! They had some adorable baby monkeys, and some sweet birds, merecats eating something, and a baby elephant! Oh my. It was awesome. Plus, we got to spend the day with a recent convert named Wendy. She is so lovely! She joined the church back in February. 

We had some intense days of finding people to teach, which pretty much includes lots of talking to people on the streets. Most of the people that live in Nuneaton are English. However, we stumbled upon a guy named Claudiu, who is from Romania, this week! He is pretty cool. He invited us to his home and we set up an appointment. We met with him yesterday, and he is super interested in reading the Book of Mormon! He claims he doesn't have a belief in God, but we know that will change soon enough.

On Saturday we spent the day in the far edge of our area called Hinkley. It was intense, the people there are much nicer and love to talk to you on the street! It was fun, but as our time to leave came near, no one had actually wanted to see us again. We had to catch a train home, so we headed for the station so we wouldn't miss it. We sat on a bench to wait, and suddenly a girl sat next to us. We began chatting, and it turns out she is here for an internship for a year! She was so nice, and just before we all got on the train she gave us her number to call her another day. God puts miracles in our paths!

I am so sorry, but time is so short on PDays. On the bright side of things, I was able to buy a new backpack this morning! I love you all! I know this church is true, and that God puts us exactly where we are supposed to be. All we need to do is remember to keep the commandments, and everything will work out how He plans (which is always better than we can dream of).

Much love,
Sister Slack

At the zoo with Wendy!
Almost touching a monkey!
On our way to zone meeting

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