Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 68: Red hot chilli face

Hello family and friends. Today I don't have much time because we are
going to the garden centre. So I'm writing this with my voice if it
doesn't come out the right way don't worry about it.

Yesterday was in a conference we are got to go to Coventry to watch it
in the chapel. It was incredible and I learned so much. And of course
we got three new apostles, so that was amazing! I know that God has
given us such wonderful leaders today. Since we all got to go to the
stake centre, all the missionaries were there as well. One of my
friends from the MTC was there, and he had brought 3 chilli peppers
(apparently the 3rd hottest in the world or something). So he asked me
and Sister Lamb to eat them, and we didn't see why not. Well, mistake
on my part. We ate them all at the same time, and Elder Nogueroles was
fine. However, Sister Lamb's and my mouths were on FIRE. Literally my
face turned as red as the pepper, and tears were coming out of my
eyes. Apparently bread is supposed to help cool it down, and so is
milk. Well, I can't eat bread, and there was no milk. Wow. Let's just
say that after about half an hour my mouth decided to stop burning. So
I ate tomatoes instead to cool it down.

Something amazing happened while at Coventry. 9 months ago Sister
Powley and I found a guy named Uche while on exchange. My companions
and I worked so hard to help him see the importance of coming to
church. Sadly I never got to see it happen while I was there. However,
as the first session was about to start, I looked over and saw him
walk through the door of the church. My heart was so filled with
happiness! I couldn't believe it! After the session of conference, I
got to speak to him and he told me "now I see why you've been trying
to get me to come this whole time." This gospel is for everyone!

That's all I had time for now. I'm being bullied by everyone around me
to stop writing. So blame them because you don't get to hear all the
stories of this week but I'm sure you'll hear something about it later
on in life. I love you and have a wonderful week!

Sister Slack

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