Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 70: (No Subject)

Seems like my time management is getting worse.. well what can I say pday time is precious and no one really wants to spend it all in front of a computer screen! We went to Stratford Upon Avon today, and it was beautiful. There was a butterfly farm there, and plus Shakespeare everything. It was pretty legit. Plus, we went with one of our favorite members, Sister Brown!

This week I learned and re-learned one thing. Things will work out perfectly in missionary work, because God is in charge. Many days this week we had our plans, back up plans, and back-up of back-up plans thrown around more than a monkey throws around banana peels. Each time things like that happened, something else would come up, or someone would offer us a lift, and we definitely saw the Lord helping us out every day. Remember how our bikes were broken? yup. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader, and the 2nd counselor of the mission presidency just so happened to come into the meeting. During that, he offered to give us a bike which he had bought for his wife, and then found out that she hates riding bikes. MIRACLE. Free bike?? Amazing. Hopefully we should get it soon.

A few days later our bikes got fixed, so for now we are mobile again! Woot! It's amazing not to have to spend millions of pounds on bus and rail tickets. However, it's totally worth it when you meet amazing people, and get to see wonderful families in the ward. We had dinner with a family called the Corbishley's, and they had an enthusiastic son who told us a wonderful story all about hippos and how they had watermelon bombs and how they lived on an island. Creative minds. wow. 


The whole edwards family came to church this week. 

And we have to go now...


Sister Slack
 We love Sister Brown!

We tract old buildings in Stratford.

Shakespeare's house!

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