Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 72: Happy November!

Hey outside world! Time to tell you all about our awesome week last
week. On Monday we got to feed all the lovely ducks in the river that
we bike by! It was great fun, and the elders brought loads of bread
for them. It's crazy how throwing bread like a frisby at some ducks
can be so entertaining. They would pretty much swarm and chase the
bread around. Yay ducks!

Two weeks ago we did a family history day, and we met loads of people
from it. We finally had our first appointment with someone from it
that didn't cancel or not show up! We met with this guy named Aaron in
his flat, and It turns out he is the nicest person. He is into strong
man competitions (like heavy weight lifting) and is massive, but a big
softie. As we taught and testified of the restoration, we felt the
spirit enter the room. When we introduced him to the Book of Mormon,
he told us "yeah, I'm definitely in need of guidance." He seemed to
just absorb everything we said, and agreed to prepare for baptism.
He's awesome.

One day we were just walking down the street and we stopped a Scottish
guy. He looked at our badges and told us he knew about the church and
that he holds the Aaronic Priesthood. Both Sister Grant and I were
like... Wait, is this guy being serious? Or is he one of those crazy
people that don't know what they are talking about? Turns out he is
legitimate! His parents raised him in the church but when he joined
the military he drifted away. He explained that he goes to church
every time he goes home to Scotland, so there is definitely some nice
potential here! The only awkward thing is that he told us his name,
but we aren't exactly sure what he said. So we are calling him Tim.

Sadly this week was filled with more bike troubles. It seems like we
can't get away from them! Sister Grant and I both got punctures in our
back tires, so that left us stranded to take the bus for one night
before we could fix them. As we were waiting for the bus, an older
lady came and stood next to where we were sitting. Sister Grant kindly
offered to give up her seat to her. The lady rejected it, but then
this lady seemed to be hooked on talking to us! Prime missionary
opportunity. We eventually got to set up a time to see her the next
day at her home. She is from Germany and her name is Bahereh. It was
crazy though, we all got on the same bus and a former investigator
named Vierra also got on the bus. She is also from Germany, and so we
introduced them and they were like instant friends! It's a fun world
to live in.

The next day when we got to see Bahereh we showed up to her home and
got to introduce her and her husband to the gospel, and then they
decided to introduce us to their beliefs. That is how you get trapped
in someone's home. They are of the Baha'i faith. They tried to explain
a lot of it, and even after being there for 2 hours Sister Grant and I
still aren't exactly sure what they believe.. But hey they are really
nice and lovely people! She even made a cake for us :) too bad I don't
eat cake. I got fruit instead.

Kerry is doing amazing. We taught her about fasting because Sunday was
fast Sunday. As we explained it to her, she got so excited to try it
out! She decided to fast to overcome smoking, and we decided to fast
with her. We told her about fast offerings, and showed her the tithing
slip you fill out with it. She looked at it and told us she remembered
seeing those in her childhood! It's amazing what people can remember.
She came to church yesterday and was able to remember to fast :) she
is amazing, and we love her.

Saturday we got to do some awesome service for the Browns and chop
some firewood! It is the day I will always remember as the day I
learned how to use an ax. Yes, I may have missed the first 5 times I
swung, but eventually I learned how to aim and things worked out
alright. I still have all of my limbs, and so does my companion! That
night the Browns brought us a pumpkin to carve, and Sister Grant had
her first pumpkin carving experience. We carved into an 'avatar, the
last air bender' pumpkin. It's sweet and is living in our window now.

Missionary life is incredible! Heavenly Father teaches me things every
day, and I try to enjoy each moment the best I can. Miracles happen
all the time, big and small. As it says in Mormon 9: 19 "And behold, I say
unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he
ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles."

Sister Slack

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