Saturday, July 11, 2015

Week 55: (no subject)

What an awesome week. We saw so many miracles, it was like God was just handing them to us over and over.

One of our investigators named Kristina has a massive exam today, and we were able to fast with her last week to help her prepare for it. On that day we were outside finding people to teach, and these two ladies walked up to us and asked us for our contact information. We were so shocked that without even asking why, we were like "Yes here you go!" We then talked to them and found out that they were from Portugal, and one of them is a less active baptised member and really wants to come back to church, and the other is her mother who wants to learn more and get more involved with it. Woot! So cool.

Random fact: the hottest day in over 10 years happened on last Wednesday. You walk outside and you feel like you are breathing in fire. Good stuff? Yes.

Remember Jessica? Yeah well she is just AMAZING. She fasted for the first time yesterday, and she thought it was fantastic. In fact, she just gets the gospel. She is talking about trying to start a blog about her story and her feelings of the gospel. Today, because Kristina has her exam, Jessica just decided that she should fast for Kristina to do well. We didn't ask her, or tell her or anything. She just did it because she knows it will help! Isn't that so incredible? We got icecream with her on Saturday and also met some guys from Ecuador, and so we all bought matching-ish friendship bracelets from them. They were also playing the chillest flute music. Think of music the native Americans would play, and that's what was going on in city centre.

This week we got a new mission president, and we got to meet him on Thursday. He and his wife are amazing. They are hilarious and down to earth and also know how to run things the right way! We love them so much already. Their names are Pres. and Sister Leppard. One of my favourite quotes was "do the simple things well." The gospel is simple, and we need to do our best and help people the best we can. When things get complicated, that is when things go into the no fun zone. God likes to keep things easy for us, and he has put out all of the cards on the table for us to achieve happiness.

As you all know, the fourth of July was on Saturday! Yay independence day! America! Well since that's not really a holiday in the UK (you can probably guess why) Sister Thomson and I celebrated it by ourselves. We bought ourselves Thai food and it was the best thing ever.  

It being fast Sunday yesterday, I got up and shared my testimony with everyone. It was pretty cool, and I shared with them about how much God, our Father in Heaven, loves us. It is amazing how blessed we are to have a knowledge of Him, because I meet sooo many people each day who don't want to, or have never heard of what God can do for them. I know that He is real. It's a fact. And I know His church is restored on the earth today. It is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made to come on a mission.

Love you all!

Sister Slack

It was so hot we slept in our kitchen

 I fell and cut my knee.

 Our street!

Sorry I couldn't resist... :)

Friendship bracelets with Jessica!

Some scenic coventry

And some random stuff

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