Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 57: Hey there!

Hey everyone!! 

What a week here in Nottingham. We actually spent a lot of the week out of Nottingham, so it was a miracle in itself that we got some work done here! We got to travel to Birmingham to give some training to the zone there, and for some reason the motorway was on fire.. So it took us 3 hours to make the 1 hour trip there, but it made it all ok! Sister Miller and I had some bonding time in the car and sang too many efy songs. 

On Friday we had the incredible opportunity to go back to Coventry and witness the baptism of Annie! It was amazing. Definitely one of the best baptisms I've ever been to. Joyce (remember her?) gave a talk, and she poured out her heart and soul. She explained about how she first learned about baptism, when she read the New Testament and John the Baptist talked about it. She talked of how she couldn't relate, but now as a member of the church she feels connected to Jesus Christ. She feels like her baptismal certificate is like a declaration saying that she is a child of God. I know that everyone there felt the spirit. Incredible. 

A small miracle. We were talking to people in the main square at the heart of Nottingham City, and Sister Miller and I were talking to separate people. We had both had some awesome conversations with people, and now I was trying to stop someone else. I tried four or five more people, and all of them turned me down. This one woman stopped, and she then said looking at my badge "Jesus Christ finitely doesn't make me happy." Ok moving on. So standing there I said a little prayer to myself, we only had 4 minutes left to go finding, and I asked that I could talk to someone who wants to learn more. Immediately after I said my prayer, I saw this woman and her son walking towards me and she was lovely. We set up an appointment, and she wants us to teach her and her family. It was definitely a miracle.

This week we had interviews with President Leppard, and he is an inspired man. He has already taught us so much, and I know he is leading us he right way. 

Big miracle. We stopped by a less active named Yousef. His daughter and wife have never been taught before. He explained that he has told them a bit about the Book of Mormon and the Bible. We asked him if we could teach his family, and he told us "I'm not sure, they are Muslim, maybe not. But I will ask!" So he to need to his wife, and asked her in farci. After a few seconds he turned to us and said "yes she is very interested and wants to be taught, you can teach them both." We were pretty much leaping for joy. Miracles are everywhere! 

Everything here is awesome, so far we have stayed safe, even though people tell us crazy stories of what happens. We are loving the work, and we are excited for everyone to learn! Also, remember Sister Butler? She and I get to go on exchange on Thursday! We are excited. 

Anyway, I love you all. Stay safe and keep it real! 

Sister Slack

We went to Nottingham castle!

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